The Sublime of Timeshare of the Blockchain Era



Token already sold
1,200,000  TOKENS

Round-1 Hard cap: 1,200,000 TOKENS
Round-1 Soft cap: 600,000 TOKENS
Round-1 Discount: 20%
Current Price: $1.00

Key Factors

  • 1World Class Hotel in Maccau, based on Robotics Enabled Services Running on Blockchain
  • 2Casino, Business Centre, Gaming Zone, Rooms & More Exclusive Living Experience Like Never Before
  • 3Room Ownership Agreement Get exclusive ownership of rooms for a certain duration as required
  • 4Chance To Become Stakeholder via Tokens on Completion of All ICO Rounds
  • 5Exclusive Benefits to Pre-ICO Holders Bypass traditional value chains through technology and partnerships
  • 6Exclusive Packages for Pre-ICO Holders Reduced possibility of misguide on services

About us

Market Opportunity

New technology is now challenging and exposing the major drawbacks and frictions of the current outdated travel and hospitality business model which is more than a decade old and is being burdened unnecessarily with avoidable non-transparent fees, expensive long payment processes and lack of personalization.

The New Tech™ Solutions

New Tech™ focuses on open ended coupled innovation and a cooperative approach with incumbents balancing sustaining innovation with the new radical innovation of decentralized systems to reduce transactions cost, improve record keeping and transactional traceability. New Tech ICO is the latest ICO from the New Tech Group.

Why New Tech Solutions™

NewTech™ is developing a proprietary model of demand aggregation that relies on transparency and trust. Promoting in parallel the disintermediation and redistribution of value to hosts and users by bypassing traditional value chains through technology and partnerships harnessing the unique penetration and capabilities of mobile devices.


August 2017
Team Creation and Idea Setup
October 2017
Project Started
December 2017
Prototype Planning
February 2018
Pre-ICO Launch
May 2018
ICO Launch
September 2018
Token listing in Global Exchanges
January 2019
Beta Launch
November 2019
Pilot Launch

Distribution of tokens

Sold during Pre – ICO

Sold During ICO

Bounty to Incentivize ecosystem

for NewTech team

ICO Timeline

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 ICO
Discount -20% -15% -10% -5% 0%
Token rate $1.00 USD $1.50 USD $2.25 USD $2.99 USD 0.01 ETH
Sales period 11-17 Feb 2018 01-07 Apr 2018 01-14 Aug 2018 10-21 Dec 2018 01-28 Feb 2019

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What is a Crypto Currency?

A cryptocurrency is a contemporary form of digital money that is designed in order to be secure and anonymous. It is a currency associated with the digital world that uses cryptography (the process of converting legible information into an un-crackable code) in order to track purchases and transfers.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a public ledger that consists of all the cryptocurrency transactions that have ever been executed. It is constantly growing , by the meaning that successfully completed blocks are added to the ledger with every new set of recordings. These blocks are added to the blockchain in a linear or chronological order. Each and every node gets a copy of the current blockchain, which is then transferred automatically into the blockchain network. What’s more, the block validation system ensures that no one can tamper with the records. Rather, old transactions are preserved forever and new transactions are added to the ledger irreversibly. Anyone on the network can check the ledger and see the same transaction history as everyone else.

What is the NewTech platform ?

New Tech is the first decentralized Hotel Management Application & Marketplace using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence powered by robotics & smart contracts, in order to enable seamless and personalized travel with particular focus on mobile devices. New Tech radically improves the efficiency of accommodation by creating a new token that can be exchanged between hosts and users eliminating all middlemen.

Where is the New Tech company located?

New Tech is incorporated in the Hong Kong, Republic of China. The presale, crowdsale and the corresponding token creation process will be organised on smart contracts running on Ethereum.

Can ANYONE participate in the pre-ICO/ICO?

The Pre-ICO/ICO is not available to residents of the United States nor any county where laws or restrictions are in conflict with the financial security or regulatory compliance rules.

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